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Tradewinds Flight School offers students a professional, personalized training environment to learn how to fly.  Whatever your motivation is to learn how to fly, whether it be pleasure, business, travel, or a career in aviation, we can help you realize your goals.  Any training course can be tailored according to the needs of you, the student.  Students have many options available to them that larger flight schools cannot offer.  We offer you quality personalized flight instruction at an affordable price, with no contracts.  Do you want your Private Pilot License in three weeks?  Or do you want a self-paced program?  Perhaps you have been out of aviation for awhile and want to get back in the air.  We can have you trained as quickly or as slowly as you desire!  You design your flight training experience in sunny South Florida.  

We offer you experienced flight instructors ranging from ten years to over thirty years of experience. Tradewinds Flight School is family-owned and operated, which means we are flexible and reliable.  We are open seven days a week for your convenience, and we offer you early morning lessons and evening lessons to fit your work or school schedule.  We teach FAA approved Part 61 curriculums at competitive rates with discounted programs, flexible scheduling, and individualized attention. 

Tradewinds operates out of Fort Pierce International Airport (KFPR), a "Port of Entry" to the United States.  Here in Fort Pierce, the weather is optimal for hour-building and flight instruction which means more time in the airplane.  Flight training couldn't take place in a more beautiful setting than in South Florida!  It's breathtaking ocean views, sunny days and colorful sunsets make for one of the most desirable locations to fly.  At Tradewinds, our mission is to continuously strive to provide the highest quality flight training to our students. Please check out our well-maintained aircraft fleet and our highly-experienced instructors to see why we have earned the best reputation around as the #1 flight school in South Florida. We have been successfully and continuously training pilots for well over 35 years. 

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You have a choice of Single-Engine, Multi-Engine, Flight Instructor, and Airline Pilot Career programs!  You will never sign a contract with us.  Pay as you go! 

You will fly the safest aircraft of our well-maintained fleet of Cessna 152s, 172s, and Cirrus Coming Soon. 


Learn more about the professional flight instructors hand selected to train you.  Only the best aviators prepare you for your FAA exams and checkrides!